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Catching Coco


Catching Coco Reward   

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  1. 1. Are you dissapointed with new catching Coco reward?

  2. 2. Have you looked forward to catching Coco everyday until now?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Somewhat
    • Nothing that intrests you

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The Catching CoCo reward is now very dissapointing!

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64centEth to 25centBCD and have to swap it with swapping fee !


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so for me its for sure ok to recive the house coin BCD when Hit Coco.

I am VIP to hit Coco now for only a few weeks and i was really happy about and it mades fun every Day..
So i waggered and waggered to become that VIP.

Hit Coco
was - 0.000266 ETH  ==>  0.53 $
now -0.05 BCD           ==>  0.05 $

please take a look min. base bet:
ETH min.  <-> BCD min.

Now its needed to Hit Coco multible times and hold the BCD some days together to beginn any Game with the Coco hit Amount.
Please find a solution and fix that

thanks much, greetings...

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