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Which of these dogs is Valkyrie? It is very funny that the managers and administrators of this filth think that they are idiots Remind them that they are no more than a dog poop

Playing on this site is so ridiculous and funny that it is fun to mock and laugh at these ridiculous schemes and make fun of idiots like the admins of this site.

You can no longer get players for deposit The animalistic and ridiculous behavior of this repetitive site is completely predictable and completely discussed and laughed at by the player.

You can't find any player for deposit to this scam very soon

You ate now a no 1 on the cheap scam site all of players know you and The biggest thief and fraud site

Fuck your life fuck your every things in your fucking life

You r o ly a piece of shiit

You r only a dirty cheap thief that life by people's money by dirty scam metod

You mother can reach my dog to orgasm you heyna

Fuck your funny scam you mother fuckers

Fuck your child's your parents your fathers how many fathers do you have fuck all of them you piece of shiit fuck you

If I find you or your fucking dirty family No one cant save you from me cab you read mother 

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