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BC is awesome 3 consecutive 1.00x multipliers running a auto with 1.01x mutlti then this happen


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One thing I did notice is that the Ai (for lack of better terms or as what a auto-adjusting algorithm is called in this generation) 

If your payout is set to 1.01 after about 10-20 games the game will notice you are either running a auto or sticking to that low payout to trick the game and it will KICK YOU OFF THE BRIDGE within 100 bets to reduce the loss'. If you constantly shoot for 100x it will keep the payout crash low if you run a 3x payout and think you figured out the pattern it will 1-2x you until you bleed out eventually.... usually happens within 40-50 bets but right when you RAISE your bet from the base bet of lets say your betting $1 or 1.2 or

1.whatecer u were doing at a low monitary value, now suddenly you want to get ballsy and try $ 10, $15 , $20, $50 (you get the point)  just get your kleenex box ready.....


There is no such thing as a script that will make you rich here the auto run feature is made to flunk u up....just don't ever forget casinos are good casinos because they are in the business of making money not going bankrupt and shutting down their site. 

.......so who's going to be the loser? If you watched a YouTube video about a TRICK or METHOD or a script that gonna make you "$300 a day on BC GAME PLAYING CRASH!!!" DONT BE STUPID.....because if you found it online than I'm sure their one of 200 employees have been getting paid to find these  "100% working method" 💪  and code to prevent it from working. 



Good luck everyone be random every so often and pay attention dont get emotional think thoroughly and logically when gambling.

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Nice super rigged

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